• 3D Systems On Demand team in the UK produced 720 sets (2,880 parts total) of ventilator parts last weekend as part of the Formula 1 “Project Pitlane” program

    Our On Demand team in the United Kingdom produced 720 sets (2,880 parts total) of ventilator parts using selective laser sintering (SLS) of medical grade nylon as part of a ventilator project in the UK.

  • COVID-19: Together We Can Help

    九游会官网Connecting people in need with those who can help using advanced digital manufacturing solutions.

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  • See how high-end, custom auto shop Kindig-It Design uses reverse engineering to build cooler parts and cars faster.

  • Drive Product Innovation with Reverse Engineering

    Every great design is inspired by another. Learn how a modern approach to reverse engineering—backed by the latest measurement technology and software—can drive value throughout your business.

  • It’s Time to Refuel and Prepare for Takeoff

    九游会官网Take the time to refuel and plan your takeoff. Challenge our experts with those questions you haven’t had time for - but will make a change to your business! 

  • Push Performance Boundaries with SLS Thermoplastics

    九游会官网Selective laser sintering (SLS) allows designers and engineers to develop highly complex parts with robust, functional material properties, including a range of high performance, production-grade nylons. Download the white paper to find out how SLS is changing the rules and pace of manufacturing today.

  • The metal workflow process from start to finish

  • Minimize Part Cost, Maximize Quality

    九游会官网Did you know upwards of 70% of part cost is impacted by the efficiency of the complete production workflow? Discover how to integrate metal AM into your traditional manufacturing workflow with help from our application experts.

“The 3D Systems Geomagic software provides a complete solution for processing and inspecting scan data and converting it to a solid model. We use them for every reverse engineering project we do.”
— Chris George, Master CAD Model Team Leader for Advanced System Design, Cummins

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